WIMS have different associations for the student’s interaction for promoting their cultural sport and other talents as a part of overall development. Various club and programmers are identifying, promoting and entertaining student’s talent. Activities are focused to:

  • Cultural Club
  • Language Club
  • Sports Club
  • Personality Development programmes
  • Value based talks
  • Film Fest
  • Campus festival

The Students are encouraged to participate in state level intercollegiate, Cultural festivals and Sports meet. Regular CME programmes, Value based talks, Encourage the student to Participate in national and international conferences to graduates and post graduate students. Student’s active participation in festival celebration and community oriented programmes          

Sports,and Cultural club

Various programmes and activities are encouraged in the campus for the development of skills and talents of students in sports, arts and culturals. Students are expected to utilize spare and allotted extra time for enhancing their hidden capabilities. Thus students are expected to make use and mobilize all resources and devices available in the campus for self development both professional and personal. They have to strive hard to uplift the banner of the profession through active involvement in all constructive and productive programmes in the campus and ensure consistent performance throughout the course of study.

Language and Academic Club:

Separate Academic Clubs for different courses for enhancing in the academy for providing ample scope and opportunities for improving their academics and   co-curricular spheres. Under the auspices of the club, activities like Seminars, guest lectures by eminent persons, symposia, quiz, exhibition, paper presentations, value based talks, small research projects, intra – departmental / institutional, inter collegiate competitions, workshops and Film fest etc may be organized.

Nature Club:

Promotion of nature protection, environmental cleanliness, pollution control, water preservation, etc form the urgent attention focus of the present and coming generations. All students will be members of the nature club and will involve themselves seriously in various activities in the campus and outside as a bounden duty of every person under the guidance of the Principal & faculty.

National Service Scheme (NSS), Youth Red Cross (YRC):

Steps are underway to get permission from competent authorities to start NSS units and Youth Red Cross units in every institution in WAHE. Govt. of Kerala, University of Calicut, and Indian Red Cross Society are the bodies to sanction these schemes to the academy.

Centre for Women’s Development:

The academy’s enrolment is predominated by girl students. The empowerment of women folk thus becomes an additional special activity here. A centre for women’s development is in the offing and multifarious activities of the centre to fulfill this important national and social need are in the pipeline for the academic year.

WIMS finishing School

The academy offers comprehensive career guidance and training for personality development and to equip them to face campus interviews for suitable job placements. Training is provided to help a student improve in the following areas.

  1. Communication skills
  2. Role Play
  3. Extempore
  4. Management Games
  5. Value based talks
  6. How to face interviews.

Students are encouraged to attend inter-institutional competitions, seminars, paper presentations, industrial /clinical/ professional training, etc.